Introducing “Speed,” your solution for spotless cleanliness. Our efficient housekeeping products ensure effortless cleaning. Powerful surface cleaners remove dirt and grime. Specialized tools clean every nook and corner. Embrace convenience and a sparkling home with “Speed.” Elevate your housekeeping game now.

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  • Speed Fresh S5
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    Speed Fresh S5: Leaves a long lasting scent

    Speed Fresh S5 is a non-aerosol spray liquid air freshener that effectively releases delightful fragrances into the air,
    serving to mask or eliminate undesirable odors.

  • Speed Multi S2
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    Speed Multi S2: Your Hygienic Cleaning Companion

    Discover the convenience of Speed Multi S2, a ready-to-use manual hygienic multi-surface cleaner designed to transform your cleaning routine. Specifically formulated for hard water-resistant surfaces, this powerful cleaner effortlessly removes oily and water-soluble residues, leaving your spaces impeccably clean.


  • Speed Glass S3 -750ml
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    Say goodbye to streaks and smudges with Speed Glass S3, a cutting-edge, ready-to-use high-performance solution designed to leave your glass and mirror surfaces sparkling like never before. Whether it’s windows, mirrors, glass tabletops, cabinets, or even your electronic devices, Speed Glass S3 is your go-to solution for achieving a pristine finish every time.

  • Speed Furniture S4
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    Speed Furniture S4: Effortless Brilliance for Your Wood Surfaces

    Experience the convenience of Speed Furniture S4, a premium non-aerosol spray furniture polish meticulously crafted for the quick and easy maintenance of wood and laminate hard surfaces. This ready-to-use polish is designed to enhance the natural beauty of your furniture, providing a high gloss finish that’s both quick-drying and easy to buff.

  • Speed Toilet S1
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    Speed Toilet S1: Effortless Daily Cleanliness for Your Bathroom

    Discover the convenience of Speed Toilet S1, a ready-to-use daily cleaner designed to keep your toilet bowls and urinals spotless. This powerful formula combines organic acids with a thickening agent, ensuring the ideal viscosity for excellent adhesion.

  • Speed Kettle S8
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    Speed Kettle S8: Unleash the Power Against Limescale Buildup

    Speed Kettle S8 is your go-to solution for combating limescale, designed to effortlessly remove deposits from kettles, kitchen equipment, shower heads, and washroom surfaces. This ready-to-use, highly effective descaler eliminates limescale without the need for laborious scrubbing, simplifying your cleaning routine.

  • Speed Scouring S7
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    Speed Scouring S7:  High effective – Fast acting – Non-scratch formulation

    Speed scouring S7 is ready to use, versatile, non-abrasive cream cleaner for all water resistant hard surfaces

  • Speed Flush S6 750ML
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    Speed Flush S6: Unleash the Power of Heavy-Duty Cleanliness

    Introducing Speed Flush S6, your go-to solution for achieving spotless toilet bowls and urinals. This ready-to-use, heavy-duty cleaner is meticulously formulated to tackle lime scale, stains, and stubborn residues with unparalleled effectiveness.

    Developed from a thickened hydrochloric acid-based formulation, Speed Flush S6 ensures a rapid and thorough cleaning experience, conquering even the toughest buildups. Its ideal viscosity and extended contact time on vertical surfaces optimize cleaning efficiency, making it the perfect choice for intact porcelain and glazed sanitary installations.

  • Speed Fresh S5 Conc.
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    Speed Fresh S5 Conc.: Elevate Your Environment with Lasting Freshness

    Introducing Speed Fresh S5 Conc., a concentrated non-aerosol spray liquid air freshener that transforms your space into a haven of delightful fragrances. This versatile solution is designed for easy dilution using the Company’s approved equipment, ensuring a hassle-free and effective application.

  • Speed Glass S3 Conc 5L
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    Elevate your glass cleaning routine with Speed Glass S3 Conc., a concentrated high-performance solution engineered for exceptional clarity. Specifically designed for dilution using our company’s approved equipment, this concentrated formula is your key to achieving sparkling, streak-free glass and mirror surfaces.

  • Speed Hygienic Breeze
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    Speed Hygienic Breeze: Elevate Your Space with Refreshing Cleanliness

    Introducing Speed Hygienic Breeze, the pH-neutral cleaner disinfectant that brings a breath of fresh air to your cleaning routine. Designed for water-resistant surfaces, this highly perfumed solution delivers a streak-free, fast-acting cleaning experience on a variety of materials, including ceramic tile, synthetic surfaces, porcelain, and enamel.

  • Speed Multi S2 Conc.
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    Speed Multi S2 Conc.: Hygienic clean – Removes oily and water-soluble residues Appropriate for daily use – Fresh Fragrance – Cost effective

    Experience the next level of cleanliness with Speed Multi S2 Conc., a concentrated manual hygienic multi-surface cleaner designed for your daily cleaning needs. Formulated for hard water-resistant surfaces, this concentrated solution is your go-to for achieving a hygienically clean environment.

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